The second month of autumn

ContemplationThe hexagram for the second month of autumn is Kuan, Contemplation (View). In this hexagram, we find the crux of the autumn equinox, the balance point between summer and winter solstice. Traditionally, during sacred ritual in ancient China, the deity was first invoked with a libation and then the sacrifice was offered.

“The moment of time between these two ceremonies is the most sacred of all, the moment of deepest inner concentration.”

At this time of year we too stand between the invocation and the sacrifice. Autumn invites us to move inward, to bring the lessons and gifts of summer deeper within. Most folks see the autumnal equinox as the beginning of autumn; the ancients saw it as the peak of the season. Small wonder that we mutter and complain of the weather for we expect it to conform to human expectations which have little relationship to the movement of the seasons.

                       “When the wind blows over the earth, it goes far and wide                                          and the grass must bend to its power.”

In case you were wondering, we’re the grass not the wind…

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